Bright mastering helps improve your leadership and the performance of your team and your ‘self’.

Why i4bright mastering?

Bjorn Galjaardt (a former elite athlete) and Bob Beusekom (a business executive) playfully explore leadership and high-performance.


They share their inside stories as two experts in their fields of sports and business and how they successfully apply their learnings themselves.


You can use their models and tools in your own professional and personal life, to become more successful with your team and your ‘self’.

Face-to-face masterclass

(available now)

This helps you improve by showing and doing.



Intense 8 hours experience around contemporary topics, like culture, teams and change, time and crisis management, with practical take-aways.


Note: try our free 1 hour taster event.

Online pathways

(coming soon)

This helps you improve from 4 to 24 weeks.



Pathway of blended experiential learning, gamification and video for current and aspiring leaders in executive and consulting roles.


Note: start from $69 for 4 weeks.

Do you want to…

… be more successful in your personal and professional life?


… learn practical things-to-do rather than another academic model?


… develop your ‘self’, team, leadership and performance in an entertaining environment?

We offer…

… the best learnings from leadership and high-performance teams in sports and business.


proven and practical tips and tricks that we successfully apply ourselves.


… tools and techniques to conquer collaboration challenges.

You will be able to…

identify performance distractions and disruptions.


… feel better equipped to handle change and crisis.


… improve your leadership and craft a successful team.

“Beat your yester-self!”

Get a taste of our bright reflections.

Bright reflections playfully explore contemporary topics and aim to make you think.


They are always teasing, sometimes provoking but never judging.


With a flirt to sports and business…

“Is leadership better than management?”

Is leadership better than management? Interesting question. Someone asked me this recently, in a course about executive coaching and leadership. I was inclined to say “yes” but held back and thought before I spoke. See, I learnt something in that course! The question implies that the two concepts can be compared. But can they? Let’s answer this first.

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“Can I have the best people for a change?”

Once upon a time, someone kicked off a change initiative. Do you remember that? It could have been last year, last month or yesterday, right? There are so many and they keep on coming. They seem to require a different approach and it makes sense to separate them from Business-As-Usual.

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“Risky business!”

You may have procured externals for a while now, always asking yourself ‘do I get independent contractors or employed consultants from a consulting firm?’ Your decision can be justified either way, depending on your specific requirements and evaluation of pros and cons. But now there is a new kid in town!

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